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with YOU and Mzi.

From entertainment to informative and inspirational topics, Mzi brings a different dynamic ensuring you feel like you have a companion that understands your needs.

He'll get You Pumpin'

The Big 5

Look forward to a healthy dose of pure awesomeness with a dash of your daily Big 5 tracks  – to get you into a great mood and to keep those energy levels flowing.


Put Me On

Mzi and the listener put each other on to what they think is a must share there are no restrictions from gadgets to a TV series to the hottest spots around town. If you need to know about, MZI will put you on.

The Big 5

MZI selects 5 big tunes to get you into the rhythm of your day – it’s the best “pick me up” you’ll find anywhere on the airwaves!

Song Of The Week

This feature spotlights a particular song that MZI thinks needs to come to the attention of the listener. Daily, MZI will share artist and some information and the interview snippets as well as interview the relevant artist.

2nd hour of the show = The Music Hour – brought to you by Deezer!

Ride or Die

A “Ride or Die” is someone you consider to be fiercely loyal to you and unshakeable in their commitment to the friendship. Simply put, it means I will ride with you or die trying. Such is the loyalty such a term demands. In this feature MZI has the listener test whether their “Ride or Die” does live up to the demands that come with the title by dramatizing a scenario that would demand the friend’s fierce loyalty to be put to the test. Depending on their reaction, they will be confirmed or denied as a “Ride or Die”.

The Real Life DM

Mzi challenges the listener to make contact with someone that they have been chatting to or stalking on social media for the first time via phone call and to do it live on air, crossing that digital barrier into real life to see if things can be taken beyond the digisphere.