10h00-14h00 Weekends

Oh so Charismatic.

Looking for charisma, high energy and intelligent engagement with someone that won’t blink twice when it comes to sporting a speedo for Charity?

He'll Keep It Goin'

Oh Yes! Definitely!

Adrian is your man – just an all-round nice guy!  Don’t let that deceive you though because Adrian’s hard hitting topics, top notch interviews and broadcasting style gives you a jam-packed 4 hour radio journey.


1st Hour

State of the Nation (current affairs / sporting showdown)

Catching up on the current affairs and sporting headlines from the past week. (Will have one interview per week – journo/person of interest),

2nd Hour

Financial Planning/Investment/Future of Work

Authentic and real advice on financial planning, stocks, investment and equity planning. (Sponsor would have the option of an interview per week)

3rd Hour

Chequered Flag_(Compare)

Weekly car review- once again, real authentic advice on car purchases. Linking to the hour before, we also explore the financing options and financial burden related to car purchases

4th Hour

Be Seen/Hidden Gems

In a post lock down World we give advice on events / festivals/ markets and restaurants where our listeners can #Be Seen


1st Hour

Love Talk Real Talk

In this hour of the show we explore real world “ish” that listeners may be going through and provide resolutions for their “ish”

2nd Hour

The Sunday MooooOvvvviiiieeee

One of the biggest challenges that individuals and couples face with the plethora of content available is finding what to watch. In this hour we check out, review and suggest the best content available on OITV and Satellite TV

3rd Hour


Probably my favourite hour of the entire show, we chat to SA music/ events/ comedy/ TV stars about their journey to becoming discovered asking their advice on how our listeners can #Get Discovered

4th Hour

Get Involved

Probably my second favourite hour of the entire show, in this hour we chat to charities from around the City about the amazing work they do telling our listeners how they can #GetInvolved