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Greg and Lucky in the Morning.

Get in on the chemistry every morning between 6 and 9. Join your mates, Greg and Lucky on Star FM.

They'll get You Pumpin'

The magic of Radio.

Greg and Lucky have been making radio magic since 2013. These two friends have done it all from interviewing superstars to the downright bizarre (that includes The Foo Fighters, David Beckham and that one time they went to watch 50 Shades of Grey with their moms). But they don’t have their heads in the clouds. They’re down to earth, fun and always up for a good time. You’ll definitely win them over with a great story, fun game and interesting facts.

A patriotic rugby fan through and through


He believes in what’s right and loves a good laugh… even if it is at someone who has just tripped.

A Beer Lover of note


Greg can’t help being a sceptic. He loves his wife and beer equally… which says a lot for both of them.

Daily Motivation

Morning chemistry
for everyone.

To make sure you end your week on a high note and don’t slack off on the weekend! Resident Hype Man Lucky delivers some relevant information.

On Monday he sets the tone for the week with another pearl of wisdom in his motivational speech

Who's The Star?


A fun and simple game that everyone can play. You get 3 clues and have to guess “Who’s The Star”. Played early in the morning to get the brain fired up. There is a running score board of Lucky vs The Listener vs Greg. There’s a chat about the specific Star once they have been revealed.