15h00-18h00 Weekdays

with the Duo.

Duos are often known for their chemistry, high energy, fast pace, quick thinking and humour – Unathi and Justin are all this … and so much more.

They'll Keep You Pumpin'

Authentic Vibes!

Authenticity, passion, screams of laughter and a fast-paced music driven show is what you can look forward to. Oh, and did we mention they are LOUD so fasten your seatbelts because you’re in for the DRIVE of your life!



Tech Tok with Sam Wright: Every Thursday, around 16:20, we chat to Tech and Gaming expert Sam Wright. Sam has built a reputation as one of the most informed tech and gaming experts in the industry. Sam often gets access to new games, consoles and devices before the general public and reviews them before consumers spend their hard-earned money on these products. She chats to us once a week, to bring us up to speed with all the tech and gaming news in SA and around the world.


friyay Mix: Every Friday afternoon from 17:30-18:00, we get a local DJ to do a Friyay Mix to kick off the weekend in style. We feature a wide variety of local artists, from deep house to a mapiano mixes. This is also a platform for young, up and coming DJ’s to feature their talents by giving them a platform to showcase their mixes.


This is a feature, every Monday-Thursday from 17:05-17:30. It’s essentially a Top 20 chart, broken up over 4 days (5 songs a day), starting at 20 on a Monday and wrapping up the chart with the biggest song around the world and SA on a Thursday afternoon. We feature the 20 biggest songs from around the world and in SA on the Hi 5 on The All Star Drive.


We all know how frustrating and annoying it is, sitting in traffic in the afternoon, and traffic lights are out and haven’t been working for days on end. You’ve just hit that same pothole again for the 5th day in a row and that annoying car just drove at 100 km/hr down in the emergency lane, while you’re sitting in bumper to bumper traffic! We get it! We know how frustrating JHB traffic can be after a long day at work, so that’s why we give you a music platform (Road Rave) where you can put all the traffic blues behind you and get 3 tracks played back to back, every day between 15:00-16:00.


Every Tuesday between 15:20-16:00 we provide a therapy platform where we get an expert in mental health and wellbeing to chat to us about mental health issues. There is a stigma with going to therapy, that someone can be seen as weak and we are breaking that stigma. Therapy can also be expensive and many cannot afford to go to therapy and thus this feature provides an incredible platform for listeners to evaluate and understand their mental health and well-being and to give them a platform to ask questions and get expert advice from a professional in the mental health field.